About James Taylor, Gold Coast

Born in the United States, James Taylor has called Australia home since 1982 and does all he can to ensure a bright future for the city of Gold Coast and environs. As he is an avid sailor and beach enthusiast, the Gold Coast provides James Taylor with scenic waterways and oceanfront land to experience, not to mention a number of forest areas and hinterland ranges.

As the highly globalized city moves forward, so does Mr. Taylor in his professional pursuits, highlighted by his position as director of 3JL (Qld) Pty., Ltd. He has served at this post for nearly five years, leading the company in its structuring of development deals between landowners and property developers. Some of his additional responsibilities with 3JL include cost analysis and planning as well as sales and marketing services. He also works with his two children on Atrealty, or @realty, focusing his efforts on growth and expansion. He further contributes to @realty during strategy sessions held with both his son and daughter, during which the family discusses company operations and how certain processes can be streamlined.

The company is experiencing tremendous growth in the short time that it as been established and figures to be one of the leading real estate companies in Australia within a few years. expansion throughout Queensland is taking place and @realty will be opening in New South Wales before the end if 2014.

It s exciting times for both @realty and the Gold Coast as it is where the National head office is located which means it will help to add to the employment base for the city.

Originally living in Sydney with his wife Lila, Mr. Taylor was involved in a variety of businesses, including insurance sales and financial planning. He eventually moved his family to Queensland for the lifestyle, outdoor activities and beaches.


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