Home Buyers Rely on the Internet to Find Properties

A Gold Coast real estate professional in Australia, James Taylor leverages more than two decades of experience in the industry to lead Atrealty. As general manager of the firm, James Taylor provides an online platform that helps customers and sales associates purchase and sell properties throughout the Gold Coast.

According to Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers by the National Association of Realtors, 90 percent of home buyers utilized the Internet during their real estate search in 2012. Likewise, Google Internal Data saw a spike in real estate searches, which in the third quarter of 2012 recorded a growth of 253 percent in the past four years.

These findings indicate a need for real estate professionals to invest in online platforms to carry out their business, especially with first-time buyers. These newcomers to real estate shopping spend an exorbitant amount of time searching for homes on the Internet. Growing by 5 percent each year on Google, more than half begin their search online, while 77 percent took the initiative to drive by the homes to view them in person. The same can be said of senior citizens in the market for a home; 75 percent of senior buyers utilize the Internet for home searching, and 30 percent actually purchased a home they initially found online.


Activities Available When Sailing around Gold Coast

General manager of Atrealty, James Taylor resides in Gold Coast, Australia, where he spends his days helping real estate professionals connect with home buyers to sell properties. Outside of work, James Taylor makes time to enjoy Gold Coast beaches and water activities such as sailing.

Home to Surfers Paradise and a variety of marine life, Gold Coast offers easy access to sailable waters, including waterways along the Whitsundays. Made up of 74 islands, the Whitsundays are located off the coast of Queensland and boast secluded beaches, picturesque landscapes, and areas to scuba dive. Sailors should visit the location between July and October to drop anchor and enjoy snorkeling through coral reefs. At the same time, visitors can dock at shore to explore caves and uninhabited islands.

Gold Coast is an ideal destination to set sail for Stradbroke Island, as well. Depending on the type of boat used, the island is reachable in as little as 35 minutes. Once there, visitors can swim calm waters, canoe, and paddleboard, in addition to trekking through Mariners Cove.

Peyton Manning Announces Return to Denver for 18th NFL Season

James Taylor is an experienced entrepreneur and real estate professional based in Gold Coast, Australia. He facilitates structured development deals between South East Queensland land owners and developers as the director of real estate consultancy 3JL, in addition to serving as CEO for the web-based real estate firm Atrealty (@realty). An avid sports fan, James Taylor not only follows local teams such as the Gold Coast Titans and Suns, but is also a lifelong fan of the Denver Broncos.

After months of speculation, the Broncos announced on March 5, 2015, that quarterback Peyton Manning would return for the 2015-2016 season. His return was previously uncertain due to a late-season thigh injury, and the hiring of new head coach Gary Kubiak and its implications for the team’s offense called the matter further into question. However, Kubiak, general manager John Elway, and Manning himself have expressed their excitement and optimism at his return.

This will mark Manning’s fourth season with the team and will be his 18th season in the NFL. The 2014-2015 schedule was one of his most impressive to date, as he achieved his third-best record for passing touchdowns with a total of 39. He also passed for a total of 4,727 yards, the second highest record of his career. Over his time with the Broncos, Manning has contributed a total of 132 touchdowns (including one rushing touchdown) and 14,863 passing yards.

@Realty in the Gold Coast

James Taylor CEO of @realty (Atrealty) who’s National Headquarters is located in the Gold Coast of Queensland is proud to announce that the company’s expansion into NSW is going very well and expects the growth to accelerate in the coming months. The company is now averaging in excess of 10 new Associates (agents) a month making @realty one of the fastest (if not the fastest) growing real estate companies in Australia. With @realty’s (AT Realty) unique business model it gives the agent the ability to truly earn what they deserve and provide a high quality of professionalism to their clients. We believe that we are helping to change the industry in a very positive way y having an open and transparent business. @realty has plans to expand throughout Australia and New Zealand over the next couple of years and based on the growth we are experiencing James believes this to be achievable.

James Taylor Consulting in the Gold Coast

3JL Pty. Ltd. Located on the Gold Coast and is directed by James Taylor is consulting on a couple of new projects located in South East Queensland, the development market is changing quite rapidly at the moment and property is getting hard to find, James has witnessed deals that he consulted on in 2012/13 sell for double the initial purchase price, as an example a property in Brisbane was negotiated for 9.2 million dollars and a DA was applied for and granted the vendor was then approached by another developer who in turn negotiated the purchase of the property for 20.2 million dollars. This is just one example of the market conditions that are taking place in Queensland due to shortage of land and stock and with the Australian dollar decreasing in value overseas buyers are looking to take advantage of the value in the marketplace.